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Achieving Scale in a Safe & Secure Way

The big Bitcoin news out this week (other than the fact that it appears Segregated Witness is about to start the process of being implemented) is that ViaBTC intends on blocking the rollout of the segwit soft fork. As I told a colleague of mine, this would make segwit dead on arrival.

I reached out to ViaBTC to learn more about their intentions and have an upcoming story for CoinDesk on the way. But suffice it to say, it appears that we’re at a standstill. This concerns me primarily because we are very close to a release that would solve a series of problems, including transaction malleability, some scale, and make it possible for many of the more advanced smart contracts we all dream of occurring.

Nonetheless, this piece isn’t about ViaBTC blocking segwit or, trully, about the technological innovation itself.

Instead, I want to talk about scaling more holistically. Last week, I focused on fungibility and how important it is that 1 bitcoin is equal to 1 bitcoin. And I talked, in detail, about Schnorr signatures, which result in two benefits: improved scale and improved security. Naturally, we’re still some time away from implementing this, but I feel it is important to talk about what scaling bitcoin actually means.

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Jacob Cohen Donnelly



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